To 2024 | The footsteps are all towards the distance!

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发布于: 2024-02-18

Summarizing at the end of the year and making a wish on the first day of the New Year is a necessary ritual for us to celebrate the New Year.

Looking back on this year, there were earth shattering events as well as ordinary warm moments. But more importantly, behind this, there are you, me, and too many illuminating people who work together to shine and heat up with all their might.

2023 is the first year we have reconciled with the epidemic, and it seems like we have entered another historical stage in an instant. Everyone needs to quickly face the issue of reconstruction. Rebuilding psychology, rebuilding work, is more about rebuilding our lives. Although the pressure is still great and the difficulties remain unabated, we are still on the path of perseverance and change. Today, we are able to exist and develop here quite well, which is a good result. And currently, there must be a reason for this relatively positive result, just like what Zhang told us at the year-end meeting, "A good result must be doing the right thing in the process.".

What did you do right? It should be that we have done some things that are good for teachers and have needs for parents and students.

Whether it's cultural courses or the transformation courses we are persistently pursuing; Whether it's our face-to-face teaching on the podium or our recording in front of the camera, we always hold a sincere heart and provide the best possible service.

Looking back at everything we do, it's like a movie, with ups and downs, ups and downs, and valleys; In this process, we have also been confused, doubted, and failed. But whenever we see satisfaction on the faces of students, affirmation on the faces of parents, and happiness on every lit face, we know that what we do is right, and these "right things" will fill every minute and every second of our lives, into every hesitation and decision we make.

We firmly believe that as long as our original intention remains unchanged,

We will definitely continue to move forward on the right path;

As long as there is an impulse, enthusiasm, and persistence to move forward in the heart,

Our lives can also be vast and vast.

In the past days, some people have been holding on to the past, while others have joined or left midway. However, as long as the teachers who have been with Light have brought us warmth and strength, development and hope.

Not only the teachers, but also countless children and parents have walked in and out of the lighting industry, and our original intention has not changed along the way. That is, we hope that every teacher who works in the lighting industry is happy, and we hope that every child who enters the lighting industry for learning has gained something. We also hope that when they leave the lighting industry, not only can they take away what they wanted when they came, but also their growth, gain, and love.

In the past year,

There are still many wishes we have made that have not yet been realized,

But that doesn't mean it won't be possible to achieve it in 2024 either.

At the beginning of a beautiful new year,

We will continue to embark on a new journey together:

Starting from the new opportunities and challenges in the education industry;