Notice on Applying for the 2023 Plan to Enroll Sports Art an

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发布于: 2023-05-28

Zibo Lighting Education 2023-04-12 15:08 Published in Shandong

April 11th

Issued by the Education Bureau of Zibo City

Regarding the application for 2023 regular high school

Notice on the Plan to Enroll Sports Art and Technology Specialists

Education and Sports Bureaus of various districts and counties, education administrative departments of High tech Zone, Economic Development Zone, Wenchang Lake District, and affiliated schools: In order to further promote school sports, aesthetic education, and science and technology education work, and guide students' comprehensive development, it has been decided through research that ordinary high school schools that meet the conditions will continue to admit students with sports, art, and technology specialties in 2023. The following is a notice on the preparation and application of the enrollment plan:

1、 Enrollment Program (1) Enrollment Program for Art and Sports Specialists. There are two categories of sports and arts. The sports category includes track and field (which can be specific to individual events), ball games (basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, tennis, badminton, rugby, baseball and softball, etc.), gymnastics (aerobics, gymnastics, skills, trampoline, etc.), Chinese traditional sports (martial arts), water or snow sports (swimming, ice and snow), etc. Under the art category, there are five programs: music, dance, art, calligraphy, and comprehensive. Each school can further subdivide the main training directions when releasing enrollment plans, and no longer subdivide them when preparing and applying plans. (2) Science and technology specialty student enrollment program. The specific project will be fully considered by the proposed enrollment school

The characteristics, positioning, and future talent demand of the school can be determined based on factors such as teachers, venues, equipment, and equipment. Frontier projects in science and technology education such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, programming, robotics, drones, and technological invention and creation can be set up.

2、 In principle, the enrollment scope is for junior high schools in their respective districts and counties when applying. High schools with outstanding advantages in art, sports, and technology education, or unique enrollment programs in the city, can apply for enrollment in the city.

3、 In principle, the number of enrollment plans for arts, sports, and technology majors reported by each school should not exceed 5% of the total enrollment plan of the school. The characteristics of art and sports education are distinct, and ordinary high schools that have a certain influence in society can relax it appropriately, but generally it should not exceed 10% of the total planned amount. When recruiting students, it is necessary to strictly follow the approved number of plans. Different professional plans cannot be adjusted and used. The number of plans for the same art major can be determined by the school to coordinate the use of different training directions. The rules for use should be clearly defined by the school in the enrollment plan.

4、 Job requirements (1) Based on reality and scientifically formulated. Each district and county should, in accordance with the Implementation Opinions on Further Strengthening the Extracurricular Physical Education Training Work in Our City's Schools (Zijiao Tiwei Zi [2016] No. 8), determine the network of extracurricular physical education training work in schools, coordinate and optimize the overall design of sports characteristic projects in various ordinary high schools in the region, make up for the shortcomings and weaknesses, and ensure that the channels for cultivating primary, middle, and high school students in the jurisdiction are smooth, Build a growth platform for students with sports talents. Each school should combine its own advantages in art, sports, and technology to scientifically formulate and apply, creating conditions for setting up specialty training programs as much as possible, and building a learning platform for students with specialties in sports, art, technology, and other fields. National and provincial sports traditional characteristic schools should develop according to sports characteristic projects