Company Profile

Zibo Zhanye Education Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017. It is a training institution dedicated to young children's education, mainly engaged in education consulting, education training, and art training. Its business scope covers academic planning, voluntary application for the middle and high school entrance examination, study abroad consulting, family education, primary and secondary school subject training, primary and secondary school external custody services, self study assistance, guqin and guzheng training, and other fields. At present, there are two branches in Zibo City, Shandong Province, which have trained over tens of thousands of students.


The company adheres to the social responsibility of "education achieves the future, service creates the brand", and strives for excellence in teaching quality; Continuously improving teaching services; In the teaching process, fully tap into the potential of children, mix education with pleasure, focus on students, pay attention to individualized teaching, and strive to become a socially respected education brand in the field of young children's education and training. Since its establishment, the company has enjoyed a high reputation in the industry with its unique educational approach and "T" talent cultivation concept, creating good social and economic benefits. The company has also developed a rare Guqin and Guzheng teaching business in the market, contributing to the comprehensive development of contemporary youth and the inheritance and dissemination of traditional Chinese culture.

Zibo Zhanye Education Consulting Co., Ltd. implements the strategy of strengthening the school with talents, adhering to the working principles of people-oriented, high-end leadership, coordinated development, and maximizing the talents of everyone. It focuses on building a talent team, actively creating a favorable environment for employee growth, and aims to provide solid talent support for becoming a first-class education and training institution. The company has attracted numerous outstanding professionals with senior industry experience to join with its innovative spirit and excellent training. At present, the company has more than 30 employees, among which the core department of the teaching department is staffed by renowned domestic schools with years of teaching experience and stable personnel, providing talent support for the smooth implementation of the company's teaching work.

The company regularly conducts internal forums and lectures, organizes diverse amateur activities, and promotes the improvement of employees' overall quality.

Zibo Zhanye Education Consulting Co., Ltd. will provide high-quality and thoughtful services, integrate advanced educational resources from society, and provide highly targeted learning guidance programs to maximize the potential of each student, and work together with you to lift the sun of tomorrow!